Tuning In Episode 78: The X-Files, Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man/Tunguska

Glen Morgan’s first solo script for The X-Files, “Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man”, raises a lot of questions about the titular characters but doesn’t provide any concrete answers. “Tunguska” is another mythology episode that doesn’t provide any answers. We’re starting to see how you got your reputation, The X-Files. iTunes RSS


Tuning In Episode 77: The X-Files, The Field Where I Died/Sanguinarium

Glen Morgan and James Wong continue to get experimental with “The Field Where I Died”, and in “Sanguinarium” a pair of sisters, Vivian and Valerie Mayhew, (who sadly never wrote for The X-Files again) gives us the ur-X-Files episode. Plus! Is Game of Thrones a good TV show? (Spoiler alert: no.) iTunes RSS


Tuning In Episode 75: The X-Files, Herrenvolk/Home

Tuning In returns to The X-Files at an interesting point, as the fourth season of the show was the first one that aired on Sunday nights. “Herrenvolk” is basically a reintroduction to all the mythology backstory, and “Home” feels like a gauntlet-throwing episode. iTunes RSS


Tuning In Episode 74: In the Flesh, Series 2, Episode 5/Episode 6

We reach the end of In the Flesh as the show reveals more about Simon, and dramatic events at the end of the series will change things forever. Plus! Is the cliffhanger annoying? iTunes RSS


Tuning In Episode 73: In the Flesh, Series 2, Episode 3/Episode 4

We continue our In the Flesh coverage with the middle two episodes of series 2. Watch as Kieran gets his dander up! Marvel at Maxine’s continued villainy! Join us as we ship Philip and Amy! iTunes RSS


Tuning In Episode 72: In the Flesh, Series 2, Episode 1/Episode 2

It’s been about two years since the events of the first series of In the Flesh, so surely things must be better in Roarton, right? You’ll just have to listen to find out. Also! Kieran’s father is still really obsessed with Blu-rays. iTunes RSS


Tuning In Episode 71: In the Flesh, Series 1

We take a short hiatus from The X-Files to talk about the best queer zombie drama ever made (and maybe the only queer zombie drama ever made), In the Flesh. In the three episodes of series 1 we get a modern take on a kitchen sink drama, that takes the rural English countryside’s penchant for voting …


Tuning In Episode 70: The X-Files, Wetwired/Talitha Cumi

We’ve reached the end of another season of The X-Files! “Wetwired” is a stealth mythology episode, and “Talitha Cumi” is a straightforward mythology episode, but they both contain more emotion than plot. Plus! What’s next for Tuning In–make sure you listen to the end! iTunes RSS


Tuning In Episode 69: The X-Files, Avatar/Quagmire

The X-Files gives us its first Skinner episode, with “Avatar”, and it’s one of Eric’s favorite episodes of the show. Then, in “Quagmire”, the writer of “Revelations”, Kim Newton, does her spin on a Darin Morgan episode. Also! Eric really wants a red raincoat. Too bad he no longer lives in Portland. iTunes RSS