Tuning In Episode 108: The X-Files: Field Trip

Tuning In reaches its final episode as Mulder and Scully go on a “Field Trip”. We also talk about the series as a whole. But don’t despair about the end of Tuning In–head over to for more of our podcasting. Thanks for listening! iTunes RSS


Tuning In Episode 103: The X-Files: Two Fathers/One Son

Somewhat bizarrely, The X-Files has decided to end the mythology storyline in the middle of the sixth season. The two-parter “Two Fathers” and “One Son” is somewhat successful but still leaves us wanting an actual explanation. iTunes RSS


Tuning In Episode 100: The X-Files: Dreamland II/How the Ghosts Stole Christmas

On the Tuning In 100th episode spectacular, we wrap up the body-switch two-parter by dunking on “Dreamland II”, then The X-Files gets really, really weird in “How the Ghosts Stole Christmas”. iTunes RSS