Tuning In Episode 7: Firefly, Jaynestown

Jayne has been a bit of a condundrum so far on Firefly, but in “Jaynestown”, we learn a bit more about his illustrious past and what makes him tick. Turns out, it’s money. Okay, that wasn’t that much of a surprise. iTunes RSS


Tuning In Episode 6: Firefly, Our Mrs. Reynolds

The Serenity gets a surprise visitor in “Our Mrs. Reynolds”, and she’s not as friendly as she first appears. But never fret, because Inara saves the day. Sort of. Plus! Is Christina Hendricks just the best, or what? iTunes RSS


Tuning In Episode 3: Firefly, Bushwhacked

Get ready to meet the Reavers in “Bushwhacked”, the third action-packed Firefly! Watch as the crew discover a derelict ship! Listen as they search for a mysterious noise! Be horrified as they uncover the gruesome secret of the Reavers! iTunes RSS


Tuning In Episode 1: Firefly, Serenity

More than 400 scripted television series aired in 2015–but don’t worry, Eric and Richard, creators of the Emmy-watching podcast Trekabout, are here to help! With our trademark blend of deep analysis and breezy conversation, you’re sure to find a new favorite or reconsider an old forgotten gem. In this first episode of Tuning In, we …