Tuning In Episode 34: The X-Files, Pilot/Deep Throat

Yep, you read that right: Eric Brasure and Richard Goodness are doing The X-Files!¬†Eric is a longtime fan, and Richard has only ever seen a handful of episodes. Hmm… that sounds familiar. Will Richard appreciate the show on its level? Will Eric be able to hold it together during mythology episodes? Is… the truth out …


Tuning In Episode 16: United States of Tara, Pilot/Aftermath

Tuning In is moving on from science fiction and into family drama/comedy (don’t call them dramedies) by diving into the somewhat forgotten but well worth watching United States of Tara (2009-11.) In “Pilot”, the first episode, we meet several characters, only some of whom have their own bodies. Then, in “Aftermath”, Tara deals with the …