Tuning In Episode 15: Serenity

As wrap-up movies to unceremoniously canceled television series go, Serenity succeeds pretty well at both resolution and self-contained story. It’s not perfect, and makes some questionable choices, but then again, who hasn’t? Plus! We reveal what series we’re doing next on Tuning In. iTunes RSS

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Tuning In Episode 14: Firefly, Objects in Space

Sadly, we’ve reached the last episode of Firefly, and sadly, it’s quite terrible. “Objects in Space” is little more than excuse for Joss Whedon to share his thoughts on existentialism with us, and well, that’s about as edifying as it sounds. iTunes RSS


Tuning In Episode 8: Firefly, Out of Gas

When you live in a solar system as seemingly empty as the one in Firefly, it’s important to keep your spaceship in good working condition, as the crew of the Serenity finds out in “Out of Gas”. Also! Always listen to Kaylee when she tells you the ship needs a new compression coil. Actually, just always listen …

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Tuning In Episode 7: Firefly, Jaynestown

Jayne has been a bit of a condundrum so far on Firefly, but in “Jaynestown”, we learn a bit more about his illustrious past and what makes him tick. Turns out, it’s money. Okay, that wasn’t that much of a surprise. iTunes RSS


Tuning In Episode 6: Firefly, Our Mrs. Reynolds

The Serenity gets a surprise visitor in “Our Mrs. Reynolds”, and she’s not as friendly as she first appears. But never fret, because Inara saves the day. Sort of. Plus! Is Christina Hendricks just the best, or what? iTunes RSS