Tuning In Episode 18: United States of Tara, Revolution/Transition

T returns in “Revolution” and Marshall uses this as an opportunity to throw the most realistic teenage party ever featured on television. Then, in “Transition”, we spend almost the entire episode with Tara, who is desperately trying not to transition while her parents are visiting. We’ve all been there. iTunes RSS


Tuning In Episode 17: United States of Tara, Work/Inspiration

In “Work”, Tara gets a commission, Kate starts her job, and Marshall discovers boys. In “Inspiration”, Tara loses her commission, Kate loses some respect, and Max loses his EpiPen. iTunes RSS


Tuning In Episode 16: United States of Tara, Pilot/Aftermath

Tuning In is moving on from science fiction and into family drama/comedy (don’t call them dramedies) by diving into the somewhat forgotten but well worth watching United States of Tara (2009-11.) In “Pilot”, the first episode, we meet several characters, only some of whom have their own bodies. Then, in “Aftermath”, Tara deals with the …


Tuning In Episode 15: Serenity

As wrap-up movies to unceremoniously canceled television series go, Serenity succeeds pretty well at both resolution and self-contained story. It’s not perfect, and makes some questionable choices, but then again, who hasn’t? Plus! We reveal what series we’re doing next on Tuning In. iTunes RSS

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Tuning In Episode 14: Firefly, Objects in Space

Sadly, we’ve reached the last episode of Firefly, and sadly, it’s quite terrible. “Objects in Space” is little more than excuse for Joss Whedon to share his thoughts on existentialism with us, and well, that’s about as edifying as it sounds. iTunes RSS